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salle de massage du Spa Athome


soin pierres chaudes spa la rochelle

Care Treatments

The Athome Spa institute offers treatments and rituals aimed at reconnecting body and mind.

Our highly qualified spa practitioners offer treatments tailored to your needs and desires in a warm, cocooning setting dedicated to well-being.

The care treatment menu

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Facial Care

Plant-based Radiance Care

30 min: 40 €
This express cleansing facial care brings brightness and hydration to tired skin.

Serenity Care

60 min: 70 €
After a skin diagnosis, this personalised treatment is tailored to your needs and wishes. Thanks to the natural products used and our special massage, your complexion will be radiant and your skin toned.

Signature Massage

30 min: 40 €
An energetic massage for the scalp, face and chest. The shiatsu acupressure points will plump up your facial skin and give you a feeling of deep mental relaxation.

Japanese lifting massage

60 min: 70 €
A toning Japanese massage designed to help combat the signs of skin ageing. Various techniques alternating pressure, tapping, effleurage and stretching will have a rejuvenating impact for a natural and immediate lifting effect.

World Rituals

Body scrub with scents of the world

30 min: 30 €/50 € (solo/duo)

Siam Foot Spa Ritual

45 min: 60 €/ 110 € (solo/duo)

This Thai ritual combines a foot bath, a Thai facial massage and a foot massage.

Oriental ritual

120 min: €170 / €330 (solo / duo)
A ritual including a face and body scrub followed by a full body massage tailored to your needs with the scents of orange blossom and argan or amber and sandalwood.

Ocean ritual

120 min: 170 €/ 330 € (solo/duo)
A ritual that includes a face and body scrub followed by a full body massage tailored to your needs with orange blossom and argan or amber and sandalwood scents.

Ocean Ritual

45 min: 70 €/ 130 € (solo/duo)
Chis marine ritual combines a body wrap mask with marine mud with an eye mask with marine collagen. At the same time, you’ll be able to relax with a face and scalp massage.

The Imperial Journey

130 min: 190 €/ 370 € (solo/duo)
Choose your destination and get ready for an unforgettable journey. It consists of a body scrub, a body mask and a body and face massage.

Soin visage
Massage duo

Body massages

You can combine a massage with other treatments to make the most of your time at the spa.

PRICES (solo/duo)

30 min …………….. 40 € / 70 €

45 min …………… 55 € / 100 €

1h ……………. 75 € / 140 €

1h30 ………….. 110 € / 210 €

Foot reflexology

45 min
A massage using pressure on reflex points on the feet. Its action stimulates a congested organ, eliminates toxins and reduces stress. Energies are rebalanced.

Californian massage

30min | 45 min | 60 min
A very gentle, enveloping massage using gentle movements. This massage balances your body and mind, soothes your senses and brings them into balance. Suitable for pregnant women (from 12 weeks).

Signature massage

30 min | 45 min | 60 min | 90 min
This massage combines various techniques from around the world. You’ll feel a wave of energy reactivating circulation, relaxing every muscle in your body and reducing stress. Suitable for pregnant women (12 weeks and over).

Sports massage

30min | 45 min | 60 min | 90 min
This tailor-made massage soothes sensitive areas and restores tissue flexibility to relieve muscle tension. With its powerful movements, this massage is recommended when preparing for and/or recovering from sports.

Relaxing hot stone massage

60 min
Thanks to its technical movements combined with the warmth of the stones, this massage soothes and relaxes deep muscle and joint tension.

Tibetan bowl massage

45 min | 60 min | 90 min
This energetic massage uses the sound and vibrations of Tibetan bowls to release physical and mental tension and rebalance the whole body.

Lymphatic drainage massage

 60 min | 120 €
This massage uses gentle, energetic movements to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Ideal for combating water retention and heavy legs, eliminating toxins, improving metabolism and the appearance of your skin. Your tensions will be relieved and you’ll feel much lighter.

Madero therapy massage

75 min | 95 €

This Colombian massage alternates intense movements with the use of wooden accessories to break down fat cells, reducing cellulite and refining your skin texture. You’ll find your skin toned and firmer.

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massage en duo spa la rochelle
massage pierres chaudes
Bol tibétin
massage enfant spa la rochelle

Child care

My little body massage

30 min : 35 €
A gentle, enveloping massage for the entire back of the body: back, legs, feet and scalp.

My first duo massage

30 min : 80 €
Enjoy a targeted parent/child duo massage.

Spa athome

Spa rituals

La Rochelle Tea Time

60 min (solo/ duo) : 55 € / 100 €
A relaxing spa experience, a back massage and a drink.

Scandinavian Ritual

90 min (solo / duo) : 95 € / 180 €
A draining and detoxifying care combining a sauna session, a draining leg massage and a clay body mask.

The Athome moment

90 min (solo/duo) : 95 € / 180 €

A relaxing spa experience, including a body scrub and body wrap, plus a radiance-enhancing plant-based facial.

A Thousand and One Nights

90 min (solo/duo) : 120 € / 230 €
A relaxing spa experience with a body scrub and massage using the scents of your choice.

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