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26 May 2023

9 Places not to miss around the Athome Residence

Discover the top must-do activities for a successful hiking getaway

Musée maritime

Le Bassin des Chalutiers

Just 200 meters from the residence is the Bassin des Chalutiers, dug in 1862 to accommodate commercial and fishing vessels.In addition to its use as a fishing port, the basin is known for its breathtaking views of colorful fishing boats.On the basin you’ll have the opportunity to pass by the maritime museum of La Rochelle distinguished by its colorful sails and famous boat Le France 1.

Aquarium de La Rochelle

Aquarium de La Rochelle

The La Rochelle Aquarium is one of the largest private aquariums in Europe.It is home to over 12,000 marine animals of more than 600 different species (sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish, etc.).Visitors can explore different marine habitats, such as the open sea, coral reefs, mangroves and estuaries.

Quartier du Gabut


Le Gabut (also known as the wooden city) is an old fishermen’s quarter with atypical houses that pay tribute to the old partnership between La Rochelle and Scandinavia.

Once a fishing district, it underwent an industrial evolution before becoming an urban wasteland.

In recent years, however, Le Gabut has been redeveloped as a cultural and artistic venue. It is now renowned for its many restaurants, bars, art galleries and street art.

Old Port of La Rochelle

Port de La Rochelle

The residence is just a 15-minute walk from the Old Port, where you can admire the Towers (Tour Saint-Nicolas, Tour de la Chaîne and Tour de la Lanterne), emblematic monuments dating back to the 14th century.

The Saint-Sauveur church, built in Romanesque-Gothic style and one of the oldest in the city, is also within walking distance.

Passing under the Grosse Horloge, you’ll reach Rue du Temple, a lively downtown street lined with stores, arcades and mansions dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Plage des Minimes

The Minimes beach, one of the largest in La Rochelle, is just a 20-minute walk from the residence.

It offers magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and is popular with swimmers and water sports enthusiasts, such as windsurfers.

A seafront promenade runs alongside the beach, offering panoramic views of the ocean and the islands of Ré and Oléron.

Hôtel de ville de La Rochelle

Hotel de ville La Rochelle

Just a 20-minute walk from the residence, La Rochelle’s Hôtel de Ville is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in France.

With its Renaissance-style architecture, it occupies an important place in the city’s history.

The building was constructed in the 15th century, but was extensively renovated after the devastating fire that struck the city in 2013.

Marché de La Rochelle

Central Market La Rochelle

La Rochelle’s central market, built in the 19th century, is an essential meeting place for the city’s inhabitants.

Just a 25-minute walk from the residence, it’s open every day from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.

You’ll find a wide variety of fresh, local produce, including fruit and vegetables, fish, seafood, cheese, wine and much more.

The colorful stalls and enticing smells invite you to stroll and shop while discovering the flavors of the region.

The central market is a lively place where people from La Rochelle love to meet, chat and share a convivial moment.

Parc Charruyer

Parc Charruyer is a haven of peace just 30 minutes’ walk from the residence. Stretching over 2 km, it offers an ideal setting for relaxing and strolling in the heart of nature.

Here you can admire streams, waterfalls, exotic plants and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

The park is also home to an animal park where children can observe various species such as peacocks, goats and deer.

Place de Verdun

Located just 30 minutes from the residence, Place du Château Vauclerc, also known as Place de Verdun, is La Rochelle’s central square.

Here you can admire the majestic Saint-Louis Cathedral, built in the 18th century in a neoclassical style.

The square is also home to the famous Café De La Paix, an emblematic La Rochelle landmark since 1880.


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